• Open Source
  • Web-enabled
  • Scalable
  • Python Data Science Stack
HistomicsTK is an enterprise solution for managing, visualizing, and analyzing digital pathology data. Built on a Python data science software stack, HistomicsTK supports a wide range of whole-slide imaging formats, and allows you to create and view millions of annotations. This scalable, web-based platform can be customized to provide an efficient digital pathology software solution that harnesses the power of AI and Deep Learning. Best of all, the customized solution we deliver to you will be free from ongoing licensing fees.

Secure Data
Access and Retrieval

HistomicsTK prevents data sprawl by securely storing and accessing data on a central server and delivering only a subset of data to the client. This eliminates lost data and unauthorized edits to original image files.

Screenshot of HistomicsTK software showing secure data and access retrieval

Use AI to Incorporate
Computational Applications

HistomicsTK’s robust and flexible API enables any AI and Deep Learning models to be integrated seamlessly. Its infrastructure enables AI models to run at scale.

Screenshot of HistomicsTK showing computational applications.

Web-based Interface
for a Seamless Experience

HistomicsTK runs entirely in the browser with no required plugins, thus simplifying the deployment process and delivering a more seamless user experience. Its on-demand, multi-resolution data fetching enables viewing full-resolution pathology images through the browser.

Screenshot of HistomicsTK showing it runs in a browser.

Manage & Search
Your Whole Slide Archive

Index your entire archive and turn it into a fast, searchable archive without moving or copying it. HistomicsTK lets you organize images into studies. It asynchronously adds new images or lets users drag and drop new images and files into the Histomics user interface.

Screenshot of HistomicsTK software doing a search

Create Annotations
and View Millions of Them

The intuitive web interface makes creating annotations easy, and hardware-accelerated graphics allow you to view millions of annotations simultaneously.

Screenshot of HistomicsTK software showing annotations

Do Image Analysis
Using Built-in Algorithm

With a collection of ready-to-use image processing algorithms–like color normalization, color deconvolution, nuclei segmentation, and feature extraction–this tool does more, so you can do less.

Screenshot of HistomicsTK using built-in algorithms

Delivering Innovative Digital Pathology Solutions

Kitware has the expertise in application development, visualization, data processing, AI algorithms, and annotation workflows to deliver a custom solution that meets your needs.

Look and Feel
  • User interface customizations
  • Branding
New Features
  • Support new data formats
  • Integrate new AI models
  • Add new analytics features
  • Redesign to support your workflow
  • Integrate with third-party applications
Support and Training
  • We stand behind our platforms by offering a variety of training and support options to ensure your organization can effectively use our tools.
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